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A friend of mine once said, that if you follow your heart, everything you do is the right thing. If that doesn’t work, you need moral to guide you. And if that fails too, there are laws. Simple as that.

This is a very comprehensive article, digging into the very details of moral vs. peace treaty. And it beautifully explains why a morally motivated tolerance against everybody (incl. say Nazis, extremists of any kind, or just those annoying people who give a fuck about others) is fundamentally wrong. And dangerous.

Full article over at ExtraNewsfeed. … Continue reading

why has the American public, and leaders of organizations and companies not already been crying out when the administration issued orders to restrict information about climate change, or changed course of organizations like EPA and so on. This is all important, too. And each one of the decisions made, and orders issues during the past few days deserves the public’s full attention. It deserves protest to the fullest extent possible without violence. … Continue reading

Ich sage das ja schon länger, deshalb tut’s extra gut, das in so deutlichen Worten in einem so prominenten Medium zu lesen:

The Internet of Shitty Things

Update: Wie wenn’s noch ne Bestätigung gebraucht hätte… Frustrierter PlayStation-Spieler legte Teile des Internets lahmContinue reading

Fake news aren’t a new phenomenon. But with the US presidential election, and the – to many people surprising – result, it has received more attention lately. A question often asked was, how could that happen. Here are two really great articles that dig into the issue:

Ben Thompson insightful article about fake news
Bob Hoffman’s brilliant article about Trump and Twitter

Enjoy the reading. … Continue reading

Doubling down on a strategy that has proven to fail is not a sign of strengths, but of significant dumbness, explainable only with your anger and fear to look weak. Peace cannot be fought for. It can only be achieved by being peaceful. And if your strategy failed, try something else, not run into the next disaster twice as fast. And, even though you clearly can’t take the pain associated with terrorist attacks like the one last night in Nice, a little more trust in the people in your country please. You should not kill people in Syria or whatever other country, and be the same murderer that you pretend you want to stop. People like Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi and many others have shown how violence can be overcome, and countries could be freed. Act like a leader. Not like a hurt child. … Continue reading

It’s actually pretty simple – where fear is, the brain can’t operate properly. If we allow a fearful majority to fuck it all up, then clearly we have a false understanding of leadership. Leadership is meant to inspire, to protect values, to organize moving a country forward. Not leave decisions to the average, un-informed – and then quitting job. … Continue reading

I just, for the first time, saw  first case of Apple Maps having a business address accurate, but Google Maps doesn’t. … Continue reading

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