Ford’s first all-electric vehicle will have ‘over 300 miles of range’, be affordable, and mass-produced, says CTO

Earlier today I was walking through a forrest, for about an hour. For the last couple hundred meters, before reaching the restaurant where I was having dinner, I had to pass a wide street with the typical commute traffic. Loud, stinking… what a contrast to the quiet green and singing birds. Let there be no mistake, I am so tired of these kind of headlines. Ok, so Ford is the latest in announcing an all electric car. Oh wait – shipping in 2020.

We live in 2017. We know for decades that fossil fuel is limited. We know for decades that we ruin the environment. And what, dear car industry, have you done to solve this problem. Nothing. If not for Tesla, you’d not get your ass up even now. That alone is reason enough for me to look at cars with different eyes than in the past. There is just no excuse for not shipping all electric cars today. Actually, there’s no excuse for not doing it for a long time already.

If I had both the money to afford a Tesla Model X, and if Tesla cars did not have such poorly designed interior with such an oversized and non-integrated iPad kind of thing I’d sure buy one. For now I just keep my fingers crossed my current Volvo Diesel keeps going for another 2-3 years until I can buy an affordable all electric SUV. Yes, I know it’s not ideal keeping the Diesel powered Volvo running for another 2-3 years. But paying one of the traditional car makers, including Volvo, for another fossil fuel powered car would be the wrong message to these guys.

Full article about Ford’s plans, if you care to read.